About us

Welcome to Ned's New England Deck, where the rich flavors of authentic New England seafood meet the warm hospitality of the South. Our story begins with childhood friends, Steve Forbes and Tony Gallotto, who grew up together in the charming landscapes of Massachusetts. Steve's summers were filled with the sun-soaked beaches of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, while visits to his grandparents in Maine introduced him to the rich maritime heritage of the region. On the other hand, Tony spent idyllic summers vacationing on Cape Cod, fostering a deep appreciation for the coastal culinary traditions.

Inspired by these nostalgic memories, Steve and Tony envisioned bringing the essence of a New England clam shack to the vibrant atmosphere of Virginia. They sought to capture the authenticity of the region's seafood cuisine while elevating it to a higher standard. Recognizing a gap in representation, they decided to embark on the journey of opening Ned's in the heart of the DMV.

With Steve's extensive experience steering some of DC's largest restaurants for the past decade and Tony's culinary expertise honed as the executive chef of notable Massachusetts hotels before making his mark in the DC scene four years ago, the duo was poised to create something exceptional.

At Ned's, we pride ourselves on delivering a clam shack feel with a focus on high-quality New England seafood and a diverse menu featuring other regional favorites. We believe in providing an experience that transports you to the shores of New England, right here in Virginia. Join us on a culinary journey as we invite you to indulge in the charm and flavors that define Ned's New England Deck.